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 I am not accepting new clients at this time. When you care about your health, a ten minute visit simply will not do. As a holistic practitioner, I work with you at all levels to help you to heal in the most natural way possible. As a herbalist, I use the bounty of nature to gently encourage the tissues of your body to return to their optimum state. While modern medicine has much to offer in some areas, many people are turning away from drug solutions, or failing to find the answers that they need. This is especially true of chronic conditions, where the long-term side-effects of the drugs often seem worse than the disease, or where effective answers simply do not appear to exist. The power of herbal medicine, and the gifts that nature gives us for our health, continue to surprise and delight me. Let me work with you to find the tools you need for healing. What to Expect from a Visit Consultations are arranged by appointment, and will initially require at least one to two hours of your time during which we will explore all aspects of your current and past medical history. Based on this information, I may suggest an individually designed herbal remedy, as well as lifestyle and dietary changes that will help you regain and optimize your health. From my extensive herbal dispensary, I am usually able to provide your preparations at the time of consultation. Costs (including all applicable taxes) Initial Consultation $95.00 (Students and Seniors $65.00) Follow-up Visits $35.00 (Students and Seniors $25.00) Herbal remedies are additional
Diane Kent   R.H., M.N.I.M.H. Medical Herbalist
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