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Workshops and Seminars (None scheduled for 2021 at this time)

The following is a list of my available workshops and seminars. They may not be currently scheduled, but please contact me if you would like to be added to my mailing list for future information. info@dianeherbalist.ca The Summer Medicine Cabinet What to make and keep in your summer herbal first aid kit for: Bites and stings, poison ivy, cuts and grazes, travel sickness, and much more. The Winter Medicine Cabinet How to treat those winter aches, pains and sniffles: Cough syrups and teas, plasters and vapour rubs, lotions for muscle pain, infused oils and ointments. Herbal Body Care Create personalized products for natural body care: Hand creams and shaving lotions, herbs for the bath, body powders, cellulite oils, deodorants and toothpastes, hair conditioners and treatments. Herbal Skin Care Learn to pamper and protect your skin with natural products you can make at home: Facial cleansers and scrubs, moisturisers and face creams, toners, face masks and exfoliants. Household Alternatives Easy alternatives to chemicals and harsh cleansers: Cleansers, indoor pest control, furniture polish and glass cleaners, natural stain removers. The Medicinal Herb Garden Everything you need to know to get started on this year’s herb garden, whatever size you have space for: planning and preparing, companion planting, natural pest control. Surviving Excess Herbal help for overindulgence and over-work: Indigestion, hangovers and headaches, cleansing, detoxification, stress support and weight loss. Workshops typically last about 2 hours. Cost varies depending on the materials and handouts. Seminars Hand’s-On Clinical Assessment While aimed primarily at health practitioners who do not typically employ physical examinations, this full day seminar focusses on simple western clinical tests that can be performed by anyone.  The emphasis is on tests that require minimal equipment and are relatively easy to interpret without extensive experience. Herbal Remedy Making This 14 hour weekend intensive seminar covers many of the various ways in which herbs can be prepared for use in medicine or cosmetics, including: tinctures, glycerites, acetracta, infused oil, salves, pills, creams, essential oils, poultices, syrups and much more. Extensive notes are included with all seminars.
Diane Kent   R.H., M.N.I.M.H. Medical Herbalist
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