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Core Herbal Studies The heart of the program obviously focusses on the herbs and the skills required to combine them effectively into healing remedies. Materia Medica -  Over 150 herbs are studied in detail, with an emphasis on those which can be found in Ontario. The student will learn to appreciate the complex actions and energies of each over the duration of the course. We will meet many of them in walks, and experiment with them in tea and tincture form so you learn to detect the more subtle qualities which give them their unique places in our medicine. Herbal Therapeutics -  Detailed herbal approaches to a huge number of conditions. Every body system is covered at length including special sections on pediatrics, geriatrics, dermatology, women’s health, environmental medicine, and mental health. The material includes a brief summary of the known causes and underlying problems of each condition, as well as the actions which work into them and the therapies and herbs which have a traditional application to the problem. Work with cancer and the autoimmune diseases is covered in some detail, and all therapeutics are constantly reinforced in the clinical portions of the program. The student will also complete modules in: Botany, Pharmacy, Bach Flower Remedies, Wildcrafting Skills, and Growing Herbs.

Professional Herbalist Training (No longer available through me)

This course is now available with Marianne Beacon, R.H.



The Clinical Herbalist Diploma program has been created to train those individuals who are seriously interested in becoming herbalists. It is a full-time course, which can be completed over two years with hard work and dedication. It requires a minimum of 1700 hours, but many sections can be undertaken individually when offered. Students must be over 18 years of age, and proficient in the English language. There are no other pre-requisites, but a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for this form of medicine are essential.
Diane Kent   R.H., M.N.I.M.H. Medical Herbalist
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I am a Medical Herbalist and, as such, I place an emphasis on the holistic understanding of the medical sciences. However, I am also dedicated to a sincere love and appreciation for our partners, the plants, so I have incorporated sections that attempt to help you develop a wider understanding of the energies you will be working with, and the ways in which herbal medicine has evolved and been practised for thousands of years.
Course Content The following information is a summary of the program.
Sciences I firmly believe that a good understanding of how and why things go wrong in the body, including the more subtle influences of stress and hormonal shifts, gives the herbalist a powerful tool to help correct the underlying problems. Too often, practitioners from many disciplines work on a simple symptom to remedy format. When you truly understand why the symptom has appeared, delicate changes can produce remarkable effects and long term solutions.
Students will study Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Basic Biochemistry and Phytochemistry, Physical Examination Skills, Pharmacology, and Differential Assessment.
Supporting Studies Vitally important and extensive modules in Nutrition, Communication Skills, and Business Studies are included. Also included are smaller modules which will help to expand the student’s appreciation for; Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, and Aromatherapy; and especially how these disciplines can be understood and used in a simplified form within the herbalist’s practice.
Clinical Hours Students are required to attend clinic one weekend each month for a total of at least 350 hours. These weekend classes pull together all the skills you are learning, and provide an opportunity to practice with clients of our student clinic in a safe and controlled environment. The emphasis is on how to extract information, analyse causes, and formulate effectively.
Costs Please check with Marianne Beacon at Elderberry Herbals for complete details about current costs.
Policies (general overview) Each module will include quizzes, assignments and/or tests. On completion the student will receive a grade which must exceed 70%. In the event that a lower grade is achieved, one rewrite or supplementary test will be allowed. Failure may require you to retake the module. You may be eligible for exemptions from certain modules, based on previous studies or experience. These exemptions will be discussed and confirmed on an individual basis as part of the registration process. Refunds and credits will not be granted once the materials for any module have been distributed. Repeated failure to meet the requirements of the course, or any evidence of cheating or plagiarism may result in probation or dismissal. A privacy policy is strictly enforced. Personal information is kept confidential at all times, and will only be used for academic purposes and for notifying you of upcoming events which might be of interest. Any release of information will only be with your express consent in writing. I am committed to providing an environment for learning that is free from any form of discrimination. Any harassment, abusive behaviour, or infringement on the rights of others will not be tolerated, and may result in dismissal.