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Professional Herbalist Training A two year full-time program, designed to train the professional herbalists of the future. The course is offered as a combination of correspondence modules, audio classes, and weekend hands-on clinical experience. This flexible program allows students to schedule much of their own study time, without sacrificing the all-important hands-on training and personal interaction.  
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Other Courses The Basics of Herbal Medicine For those interested in using herbal medicine for themselves or their families. This 27 hour course is offered in evening or weekend formats, and covers everything you need to know to get started safely using herbs in daily living. Advanced Therapeutics (coming soon)
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Workshops and Seminars Workshops, seminars and herb walks are scheduled based on interest and available time. Subjects include: face and body care, household alternatives, first aid, easy clinical examination skills, and many more. Follow the link below to view a current list of possible subjects, and an opportunity to express an interest in future classes.
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Diane Kent   R.H., M.N.I.M.H. Medical Herbalist
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